Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Alright then, I give in.

As I said in my last post I gave up on Smashwords and unpublished my stuff from there.

I've recently been reading some other bloggers who speak reasonably well of them, and someone said that they're working hard to build up their reader members.  The impression I got from them before was that they had lots (and lots, and lots) of writers publishing there, but not many readers buying there.

Now I have to take it all back.

I was persuaded to try again and so I put two novels and two short story collections on there yesterday, and I got my first sale ever from them today!!  Wahay!!  Who said you can't sell short stories.

And I got 56p for it instead of 26p!  I shall now be able to celebrate with a latté instead of a plain coffee.

I shall keep you, my loyal readers, up to date with any further progress.

Regards, Barry.


  1. It is indeed a triumph to sell a book on Smashwords. Respect!

  2. Thank you Ma'am, much appreciated. Bet I don't get many more though.