Friday, 27 May 2011

Changes afoot.


 Still disappointed, but still plugging away.  The seven stories I published on Smashwords have had more than 130 free sample downloads but not a single sale.  Ouch!  I'm either a rubbish writer, or Americans just don't like my (English?)style.  I've been on there almost two months, so I figure enough is enough, I give in, and I've unpublished them all.  I know short stories are hard to sell in any case, but not one?

 The Kindle is a different case though.  Still slow, but I'm up to 30 sales so I'll hang on in there and see what some new stories can do.  I've left the novel, "Silverback!", and one short story, "Christmas Carol", one of my favourites, but I've taken the others down and grouped them into two four story collections, "Possessed" and "Jeopardy", by the addition of two new stories so now it's four stories for the price of one twice over!  Can't be bad.

I'll keep my spirits up by pressing on with some new content for the Kindle site but unless I feel differently later on it's goodbye to Smashwords.  Ah, well, it was worth a try.

Regards, Barry. 


  1. I never got anywhere with Smashwords, except when I was giving the book away. I haven't put Replica on there. Some people must find it worthwhile...Shayne Parkinson is the only writer I know who does well there, and I don't know what her secret is :o)

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    Not only did I do no good on Smashwords - I'm not doing much on Kindle, either.

    I'm enjoying it though - just wish I could sell more. I like formatting, editing and proof reading, and I've even got the hang of making my own simple covers but what it HAS done is re-ignited the spark - I WANT to write again, that's the big profit for me.

    Regards, Barry.