Thursday, 26 August 2010

Keep At It, But .....

I remember reading once about a new factory manager who changed the working hours.  From eight to five with lunch from twelve to one, he brought in a ten minute break in each hour; i.e., work for fifty minutes, then ten minutes off for a smoke, cup of tea or just a chat.  The Directors were of course dubious, but the amazing thing was that production actually went up.

I think there's a lesson there for some of us.  Not an excuse to procrastinate, but when we're hunched over the keyboard caress those keys for an hour, or two at the most, and then get up for a short break.  I'm sure in the long run it will pay off.

Through a change in life style I find myself able to write as much as I want.  Unless I fight it I could sit here all bloody day; irritated by any interruptions; and at the end of the day creaking away from the desk, hunched over, legs and back aching, and another day older.  Unless I've succumbed to the lure of the Internet, obviously a lot of words completed, but how good are they?

Golfers and snooker players talk about being in the zone, almost self hypnotised, not really thinking about what they're doing, and that's when they produce their best performances.  I've experienced this feeling sometimes, (but nowhere near often enough!), and probably then it may be better to keep at it; to hell with a break, just press on regardless.

In the absence of the zone though I make myself get up and walk about a bit.  It stops the aches and pains, gives me a chance to clear my mind of that blocking phrase or sentence, see what the weather's doing, make a cup of coffee, or whatever.  Then back at it refreshed.

That's the theory anyway, or am I just procrastinating?

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